How We Diagnose Underlying Causes of Various Eye Symptoms

All Eye Care Doctors of Cambridge and Medford, MA, is situated near Porter Square and Davis Square in Somerville. Our optometrists offer routine eye exams that often lead to the diagnosis of common eye symptoms that can signal the presence of more severe issues.

For instance, red, bloodshot eyes could have many possible causes. Redness usually comes from bleeding in the eye, swollen blood vessels, or minor irritations from allergies. Pink eye and keratitis are other possible causes.

To learn about other issues that our optometrists can discover through routine check-ups, check out our press release.

Those who wish to schedule an eye examination with a highly skilled optometrist in Cambridge, MA, or Medford, MA, are directed to contact All Eye Care Doctors today by calling 857-600-0701 for our Cambridge office or 781-393-5367 for our Medford office.

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