Tips for Relieving Computer Vision Syndrome

In today’s age, many of us are using computers and mobile phones for everything from office work and research to daily communication and web surfing. Unsurprisingly, Computer Vision Syndrome is becoming increasingly common, as are discussions about how to alleviate the symptoms.

In addition to long-term vision issues, those with Computer Vision Syndrome frequently experience eye fatigue, headaches, eye irritation, and other forms of eye irritation and discomfort.

Fortunately, there are ways to relieve or at least diminish the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Courtesy of All Eye Care Doctors, your prime source for prescription eyewear in Cambridge, MA, try following some of these recommendations for fighting the effects of the screen.

Schedule an Eye Exam

First things first, make sure to schedule an exam with your optometrist to discuss any issues. Your specialist will be able to assess the effects that your screen time is having on your eyes and offer personal recommendations.

Adjust your Computer Display Settings

There are several options available for your electronic displays, allowing you to adjust your screen’s brightness, color temperature, and text contrast to make the screen easier on your eyes.

Take Breaks to Relax Your Eyes

Focusing fatigue is also a common source of eye discomfort. If you are working with a computer screen throughout the day, remember to take regular breaks at least every 20 minutes by turning away from the screen and gazing at a distant object to readjust your focus.

Blink More Often

While working at a computer, many people blink far less frequently than they normally do. This can result in dry or irritated eyes. Make an effort to blink more often to keep your eyes lubricated. If the dryness persists, talk to your specialist about possible solutions.

Click here to read our press release for more information about relieving Computer Vision Syndrome. Here at All Eye Care Doctors, we provide advanced solutions for patients that are specifically designed to reduce the effects of blue light and ease eye fatigue, as well as offer pink eye treatment in Cambridge, MA. To set up your appointment, give our team at All Eye Care Doctors a call today!

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