All Eye Care Doctors Providing Contact Lenses for Patients with Keratoconus

Here at All Eye Care Doctors, we offer corrective, medically necessary contact lenses for patients with Keratoconus and irregular corneas.

Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea bulges and thins, ultimately causing sensitivity to light and blurred vision. Usually, symptoms first appear during adolescence or puberty. Though its cause is unknown, the effects of Keratoconus can be combated with the appropriate specialty contact lenses.

Dr. Idrizovic is a renowned specialist when it comes to fitting contact lenses for patients with complicated ocular conditions such as Keratoconus. By utilizing corneal mapping, Dr. Idrizovic can create specialized contact lenses that are customized for the unique needs of each patient’s eyes.

If you want to find an optometrist who is experienced in complex ocular issues, we welcome you to get in touch with our team at All Eye Care Doctors today. To make an appointment, please call our Cambridge office at 857-600-0701 or call our Medford office at 781-393-5367.

Check out our recent press release to learn more about our high-quality Keratoconus treatment!


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