5 Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes

We understand that living with dry eyes can be difficult. Fortunately, not only are there many forms of effective treatment available but there are also measures that you can take to prevent dry eyes, to begin with. Courtesy of All Eye Care Doctors, your go-to optometrist for Cambridge, MA, here are some ways you can prevent dry eyes from visiting your home this winter.

1. Avoid air circulation — and use a humidifier

Typically, both heaters and air conditioners can trigger dry eyes due to the heightened air circulation. If you must use your AC or heating, try utilizing a humidifier which can help keep the air in the room moist. If you do not have a humidifier, try boiling a pot of water so that the moisture can evaporate into the air.

2. Rest your eyes

We all hear about how looking at screens too much can harm your eyes and induce dryness. Frequent television watching and use of computers and phones can dry out your eyes, making it important for you to take regular breaks so that your eyes can recoup and regain some of their moisture.

3. Avoid cigarette smoke

The smoke from cigarettes and cigars can often be a prime culprit of dry eyes. If you already have dry eyes, cigarette smoke can irritate your eyes and make your symptoms worse. If you don’t have dry eyes, it can increase your risk of developing dry eyes in the first place.

4. Keep your eyelids clean

If your eyes are still bothering you, try placing a warm compress over your eyes and washing your eyelids with baby shampoo. Doing so can help release some of the oil in your eyelids’ glands, improving the quality and consistency of your tears. However, make sure that you completely rinse the soap from your eyes once finished to avoid irritating them.

5. Bulk up on omega-3 fatty acids

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and flax seeds, can often help relieve dry eyes. In addition to natural everyday foods, omega-3 fatty acids can also be consumed as daily supplements in liquid or pill forms.

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