3 Tips for Buying Kids’ Glasses

Shopping for pediatric glasses can be quite tricky if you don’t take the proper approach. Of course, some kids are easier to shop for than others; but even if your child doesn’t mind wearing glasses, it’s tough to find lenses that last as long as they should, considering the price that you pay for prescription eyewear. Here are three tips to help parents near Medford and Cambridge, MA, buy prescription glasses for their kids!

  • Let Them Have a Say on the Frame Style

Many children can be self-conscious about sporting prescription glasses for the first time. If your son or daughter is opposed to the idea of corrective lenses, let them have a say when picking out the frames! Kids like to express themselves, and if they’re already upset about needing glasses, forcing them to wear a pair they don’t like will only make matters worse. If they like the glasses, they are more likely to take care of them properly!

  • They May Need More Than One Pair

Your child may need more than one pair of glasses because, quite frankly, kids will be kids. They can be clumsy at times, but that’s not the only reason; if they play sports, their regular glasses must be swapped out for sports goggles. As safe as polycarbonate lenses are, standard eyeglasses simply don’t provide enough protection!

  • Make Sure They Fit Properly and the Lenses Are Impact and Scratch Resistant

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but there are several factors to consider here. Children’s noses are not fully developed and do not have bridges like adults, so finding eyewear that maintains proper positioning can be challenging. Also, it is important the lenses that go on the frame have impact resistant qualifications such as polycarbonate lenses and are scratch resistant otherwise the acuity of the lenses will be significantly reduced due to scratches. If you are unsure about the frame’s fit or the right lenses, ask an optician at All Eye Care Doctors for help!

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