What Is Keratoconus and How Is It Treated?

Keratoconus is an unsettling — but not uncommon — vision disorder that affects the shape of a patient’s cornea. Do you know somebody who struggles with keratoconus? Continue reading for a brief breakdown of the condition, the symptoms, and Keratoconus treatment options available near Cambridge, MA, and Medford, MA.

Irregular Cornea Shape

Your corneas are supposed to be almost perfectly round. But patients who are dealing with Keratoconus have a thin, cone-shaped cornea. This irregular shape makes it difficult for the retina to focus on light that enters the eye through the cornea. The result is blurry, distorted vision that can be potentially dangerous to people who are driving, operating heavy machinery, and more. The graphic displayed below shows the difference between a healthy cornea and one that is affected by keratoconus. 

Why Cornea Shape Matters

When you have a misshapen cornea, it means something is wrong with the collagen in your eye. Weakened collagen fibers struggle to hold the cornea’s shape correctly, and the shape will get worse and worse over time. This is an issue that appears to be genetic, and it could potentially be related to excessive eye rubbing. 


If you suspect that somebody you know is dealing with a case of keratoconus, they may be struggling with some of the symptoms listed below:

  • Sudden Change in Eyesight
  • Halos/Glares in Bright Light
  • Seeing Double Through One Eye
  • Streaky-Looking Lights
  • Distorted Depth Perception
  • Double/Triple Vision

If you are dealing with one or more of these symptoms — or any other vision problems — you should seek an eye care specialist as soon as you can. With vision problems like keratoconus, the longer you wait to act, the worse the problem is going to become.


The treatment options for keratoconus include eyeglasses, special contact lenses, and an advanced procedure known as corneal collagen crosslinking. Contact the vision experts at All Eye Care to learn more about this condition, its causes and symptoms, and the treatment options we provide. You can also contact us for pink eye treatment near Cambridge, MA, in addition to a number of other procedures that address a wide range of issues. Give us a call to learn more, and don’t forget to check out our press release on this subject!

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