4 Common Misconceptions About Pink Eye

As the leading provider of prescription eyewear in Medford, MA, Cambridge, and the surrounding communities, All Eye Care Doctors is proud to improve the way our patients see the world. When people come to us with pink eye, or in medical terms, conjunctivitis, they often have misconceptions about the condition. Let’s take a look and debunk some common myths and misconceptions about pink eye!

Myth #1: Conjunctivitis Only Affects Children

This misconception stems from the fact that kids are more likely to behave in ways that put them at risk of contracting conjunctivitis. In other words, anyone can get pink eye, but children rub their eyes a lot and don’t always wash their hands as often and thoroughly as they should. Combine that with the fact that little kids spend all day around each other in daycare and school, and it’s no wonder why everyone thinks kids are the only ones who can get pink eye. However, conjunctivitis can affect patients of all ages.

Myth #2: Conjunctivitis Doesn’t Require a Doctor’s Visit

In very mild cases, the pink eye might not require special treatment, and the issue can typically resolve itself in due time. But, if you have conjunctivitis and you are dealing with eye pain or any sort of vision impairment, you should definitely schedule an appointment with an eye doctor ASAP. If you fail to address it, the condition could potentially worsen.

Myth #3: You Can Develop Immunity to Conjunctivitis

Despite what you may have been told, your body cannot develop immunity to conjunctivitis. It’s not like chickenpox; the bacteria and viruses that give you pink eye can strike at any time. You can, however, reduce the possibility of contracting the condition by taking preventative measures — avoid rubbing your eyes, don’t share items that touch your face and eyes, and always be sure to clean your glasses, sunglasses, contacts, or anything else that touches your face on a regular basis.

Myth #4: Conjunctivitis Has No Treatment

Yes, pink eye is known for being relatively mild, and there’s a chance that it will simply go away by itself. However, you can alleviate some of the discomfort associated with conjunctivitis by seeking professional treatment. At All Eye Care Doctors, we provide pink eye treatment to individuals in Cambridge, Medford, and other MA communities in the area. Schedule an appointment if you have conjunctivitis and need help with treatment!

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