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At All Eye Care Doctors, we understand that lenses are the most important part of your eyewear and hence we don’t budge on quality. With us, you will get the best lens to fit one’s daily routine and prescription, using the latest technologies. Our digital lenses are specifically designed to be personalized to your daily activities and lifestyle. Whether you are a computer lover, an outdoor adventurist, or someone in need of advanced progressive lenses that will make you see at every sight level, we have the right lens for you. If you are in a rush to get your glasses, no problem – you can get your eyeglasses ready within the same day, thanks to our state of the art in-house lab where many single vision lenses are crafted. Ask one of our eyewear professionals about our same-day eyeglasses program, as well as our options for contact lenses at one of our stores in Cambridge, MA next to Porter Square or Medford, MA in Wellington Circle on the Somerville/Medford line.

Our lenses exceed normal standards – as they are made with either a high-quality hi-index plastic or polycarbonate, they are more durable, lightweight, and comfortable than the regular plastic lenses in the industry. With our innovative lenses, you can avoid the look of the thick plastic lens on strong prescription eyewear. Our advanced technology reduces the need for this, giving you an overall better appearance and style.

We use the best-in-class fitting technology and partner with the largest lens laboratories, including Varilux and Crizal. We have a variety of lens designs to fit your optical needs, including single vision, cylindrical, concave, and progressive lenses, just to name a few. Our progressive lenses are by far the best in the market; they, in particular, have a 99% adaptation rate to provide you perfect sight for far, intermediate, and reading distances.

We also provide a list of additional advanced lens treatments that you can add to your eyeglasses for increased longevity and vision clarity.

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Anti-reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coatings assist in the reduction of reflection and glare by allowing more light to pass through the lens, improving overall clarity and night vision. They also cause your lenses to look nearly invisible, benefiting you by reducing distraction and increasing eye contact. And, by the way, this coating comes with UV protection from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays. Your lenses that are treated with our anti-reflective coating come with a “no ask” warranty against any scratches or nicks that affect your lenses for a specified period of time.

UVA and UVB Blocking

Spend a lot of time outdoors and have sensitive eyes? Get UVA and UVB blocking to protect your eyes!

Adaptive Treatment

With Transitions lenses, this treatment allows for lenses to automatically adjust their tint depending on your lighting conditions. Indoors, the lenses stay clear, however, they soon darken their shade as you go progressively more outside into the sun, protecting your eyes from its harmful damage.

Harmful Blue Light Computer Lenses

Spend hours staring at a computer screen? This lens treatment was specifically created to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that comes from electronic devices like computers and smartphones. By filtering this blue light out, this feature reduces your overall eye strain and fatigue, so you can browse the web with less damage to your eyes.


Polarized lenses filter out excessive and increase reflected light, eliminating all glare. This leads to improved vision with greater color and depth.

Varilux Progressive Lenses

Our Varilux Progressives X-Series includes several of these treatments, being our most advanced progressive lens yet with a 99% adaptation rate. Using W.A.V.E. technology, the X-Series lens provides sharp vision with a smooth transition from near to far and extends your vision so you no longer need to focus. It also blocks harmful blue light from a variety of electronic devices, so your eyes are fully protected at all times while you work or play!

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Locally owned by passionate eye doctors, we do everything possible to personalize your experience with us – you’re not a number here!

We are a team of highly qualified doctors specialized in ocular diseases with extensive clinical experience. Our clinic is one of the few private practices that is qualified to partner with New England College of Optometry as an exemplary facility to train upcoming Optometry Doctors! Our opticians are experts in fitting you with the best eyewear in terms of quality and style and will go over the latest technologies in lenses for your specific vision needs.

Our newest state-of-the-art location is opened! We are located in The Village at Burlington Mall. The address is 85 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803

We are conveniently located in Wellington Circle at 63 Station Landing in Medford next to the Wellington orange line and 1815 Mass Ave. in Porter Square in Cambridge right next to the red line. Parking is available at both locations! 

While we highly recommend that you make an appointment beforehand, we understand that sometimes making an appointment is not possible, so we also welcome walk-ins.

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